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2018 Calendar Contest Winners - posted on 10th Jan 2018 at 5:38 PM
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#1 Old 29th Dec 2017 at 8:10 PM
Default sims 4 mysims challenge
the mysims challenge is more about creating and building than about keeping up your needs (0r practicality as you will see as you read through the rules lol) and worrying about money so cheats are not only allowed but encouraged

sims 4:mysims challenge rules

1.you must start in an empty world and delete all the premade sims from the game.(empty worlds are easy to find and download lol plus they are seperate saves so you can do this challenge without messing up your own save)

2. you must create and build seperate buildings for 5 sims before you create your sim these 5 sims are
Mayor Roselyn p. Marshall-she lives in the town hall
Buddy the bellhop-lives in the hotel
patrick rhino - lives in a rather generic house
poppy- lives in a bright and colourful flower shop
Violet- (poppy's sister) lives in a gothic house

3.you must try to create the sims as close to their mysims counterparts as possible (e.g. patrick is a truck driver, violet is gothic while her sister poppy has pigtails and wears bright colours)

4, you can not download buildings from the gallery you must build them,
rules for the buildings are as follows: The buildings can only appear to have 2 floors however you can't access the second floor(like in the mysims game) also you can't have a basement other building limits are townie buildings can only have 3 seperated rooms one large one and two smaller ones, while commercial buildings like town hal, poppy's flower shop and the hotel can only have one really big room that is the business place and one smaller room that is basically an apartment for the sim who lives there.

5. you must go out foraging for stuff (to replicate the need to forage for essences in mysims) fishing is also allowed and encouraged

6,after the first 5 buildings are built and furnished with the bare minimum of stuff so they don't look empty you can create your sim and build your house but you can only furnish it with the wood crafting table, a couple of counters. a bed, a small table, and a chair.
(i suggest cheating your handy skill up unless you want to make these challenge extremely difficult)

7. You can only add furniture you create to the buildings after the initial set up.(to replicate the need to create furniture in mysims)

8.you can't add anyone else to your town until you find their mysims trophy then you must create them and move them into the hotel until your sim meets them

9. after your sim meets the new sim you must build them a building before you can try to befriend them and find a new mysims trophy to add a new mysim to your town

10. you can only move in one sim at a time all sims must live alone when you first move them in.

the goal of this challenge is twofold number one is to give another reason to collect all the mysims trophies and number two is to have an entire town of different mysims sims to befriend (which is how you win the challenge)

things to add an extra layer of difficulty to the challenge can be easily inserted into the challenge

for example you can hold off on getting dj candy a dj booth until you build a table for her apartment room that way you can pretend you completed the task where she asks you to make her a turntable

for those wondering why do this challenge instead of playing the mysims game. Well some people may not have the mysims game and the fact that this challenge is so limited makes it more difficult and fun for some.

I play both games and this is a way that i can give myself the best of both worlds. This challenge is more difficult than it seems though.

Oh and one more thing animals don't count so your sim can have pets and pet supplies (which really helps in getting the mysims trophies sometimes lol) and you can download a vet from the gallery if you want however i suggest putting parks and things in other neighbourhoods besides the main one you use for the challenge.

I did not come up with a way to score this challenge. I mainly created it for those like myself who like creating and building as much as playing,and who like to challenge themselves other than worrying about money and needs.
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#2 Old 31st Dec 2017 at 12:34 PM
i know it is a weird challenge sorry
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#3 Old 2nd Jan 2018 at 6:37 AM
well seeing as how no one else replied to this i guess it isn't a weird challenge it is a stupid one sorry for wasting everyone's time
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#4 Old 7th Jan 2018 at 4:21 PM
i forgot newcrest is an empty world so that may work for some people i personally use newcrest oasis and willow to represent the regular town the desert and the forest from mysims
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#5 Old 9th Jan 2018 at 1:17 AM
Default Cool idea!
Definitely not stupid! I typically hate building challenges 'cause I suck at building but this inspired me to give it another go. I never played mysims so should be interesting!
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#6 Old 9th Jan 2018 at 6:34 AM
Default thanks
Originally Posted by crissylp89
Definitely not stupid! I typically hate building challenges 'cause I suck at building but this inspired me to give it another go. I never played mysims so should be interesting!

the best thing about this challenge is the buildings can be as minimal or exstragent as you choose to make them and thank you for your kind words i suffer from borderline personality disorder so i can take things very hard at times
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