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Default Soul Sickness
Soul Sickness
A challenge for the modern age, modeled after a simple monastic life.
by Nonsequitorian

Life outside is bitter, and often cruel. You feel compassion stirring in your heart for all the trouble and despair in the world. In quiet contemplation, a higher power responds. “You are right. There is soul sickness in the world. Make a monastery, and bring the lost to me there.” Following this call of hope, you take your meager savings and create a refuge for the soul sick. Soul sickness really takes it out of your sims. The sickness is rampant, often contagious, and sometimes fatal. Every so often during the challenge, the higher power gently directs another sick sim to your sanctuary. Sometimes you lose someone to the sickness, but with care, patience, and understanding, the sick get better, and hope builds with each new day.

This challenge takes place primarily on the home lot. Sims suffering or recovering from soul sickness must lead lives of quiet contemplation and monastic study. Exposure to their former worldly environment greatly increases the risk of further damage to their already overburdened souls. Healing soul sickness requires a nurturing environment.

The challenge ends when your monastery has had no outbreaks of soul sickness for 14 sim days, or can obviously cure outbreaks within a few minutes. While you can expect this to take quite awhile, there are several paths to achieving the goal. The challenge fails if everyone in your monastery succumbs to soul sickness.

While the ruleset seems long, once you set up your Monastery, all you have to know is how sims get Soul Sick and what can be done about it.

A number of conditions and events in this challenge require some degree of randomness (Chance). I prefer to write the options on individual strips of paper (Chance Cards) and draw from a “hat” to decide these conditions. However, you may choose to set up a numbering scheme for them, and roll dice or a random number generator (random.org) to decide the conditions. It's up to you. These are the kinds of Chance Cards I use:

You start out with four sims.

Options Menu Settings

A 40x40 lot created especially for this challenge is available on the Exchange: Humble Monastery . It includes equipment for starting and unlockable roles, plus tomatoes and gardening book. If you want to make your own monastery, here are the specifications.
Once you finish building on your lot on Day One, you may not enter Build Mode again until a Carpenter (AMB) unlocks it.

The monastery opens on Sunday. Someone will need to make a quick run to the town to get the following items then reduce your starting household funds to 1000 simoleons.

Ready to begin? Here goes!

The following additional EP-specific roles are available once their pre-requisite skills have been unlocked by an earlier sim.

Everything you need to know about Soul Sickness.

Your monks are allowed to leave the lot, and doing so falls under two categories: Trips and Expeditions.

However, residents who leave the monastery to go on a Trip are risking relapse of soul sickness. It's a sad, tempting, tumultuous world out there, and a poor environment for spiritual health. At the end of a Trip, when everyone is back home (steps inside the front door) with the equipment/books/food/whatever, you must roll for Trip Risk. There are 12 possibilities:

Sometimes, stuff just happens. It's life: scary, unpredictable. It's enough to make a soul sick, isn't it? Even within the calming environs of the monastery, there is risk, and this risk is called "Random Outbreak". Random Outbreaks (not to be confused with “Randomness Test”, which has its own section) occur due to the following events.

If a Random Outbreak occurs, you must roll for Random Outbreak:

To introduce another level of Randomness, the challenge sometimes requires a Randomness Test.

Below are general rules of play that didn't fit neatly into the above sections.

Collect those Certificates! When your monks level up, they leave a legacy of healing behind!

These are some rules that I toyed with but discarded as being too challenging. Are you up for them?
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#2 Old 2nd Dec 2015 at 7:05 AM Last edited by NonSequitorian : 2nd Dec 2015 at 8:33 AM.
Logging changes:
12/01/2015 Added info buttons to make challenge rules easier to navigate.
12/02/2015 Fixed discrepancy in contagion rules.
Test Subject
#3 Old 9th Sep 2017 at 5:10 PM Last edited by Dead Guest : 9th Sep 2017 at 6:42 PM.
This looks like a great challenge, wish I found it sooner...

However, I'm a bit confused on a couple of things. Can a Provisioner plant vegetables other than tomatoes or do I need to have a Farmer for that?

Also, if a soul sick sim gets a bad moodlet because it forgot to eat or something, do I roll for Random outbreak again on top of the soul sickness?
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