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Default UPDATED: 6/1/18 Lara Croft - Rise of The Tomb Raider WIP
Been working on a Lara Croft sim. I feel like I should because of my username.

I've been using the reference pictures I have shown. Made a lot of changes.

The skin is PoreVision

Let me know what else to change or any suggestions.

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I think you have a good start, and she definitely looks much more accurate than the "before" version.

I would increase the eyebrow distance since they seem to be further apart in the reference picture. I think the nose should be a bit more downturned too.

A good idea is to take pictures of the sim outside of CAS, in live mode, as the apperance of a sim can vary a bit between the two. Also, consider making the front view reference picture larger as it will be easier to compare the sim to the real Lara. A profile picture would be helpful too, if you can find any good ones from the game.
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It's helpful if you put the photo of the sim next to a reference photo with the face at the same angle, rather than as a big collage of all different views.

The upper lip of the reference image is a bit less defined that your sim's. In addition to @vegan's suggestion of downturning the tip of the nose, I think the tip should be a little longer. Maybe reduce the check jowls a little bit.

Good work.

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I think she looks fabulous! Well done!
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Thank you all for the tips! I'll update her when I have time. I took a break from her because I wasn't getting any responses and I knew there were a few things off about her that I just couldn't figure out.

Any other critiques and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I never really created my own sim from scratch before, so this is my first actual sim creation. I wasn't very satisfied with any other Lara Crofts, so I decided to take a shot at creating my own.
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